Timeline of the Hi Tech Developers Group

1978 – AP Builders & Constructors came into existence to take care of the  construction work throughout India.

2004 – Hi Tech Developers was founded & AP Builders & Constructors added on to Hi Tech Developers.

2006 – Web Development Factory a web designing & development division was launched.

2007 – VeriBiz was founded to provide business verification services in the form of verification seal.

2008 – Adverlabs an advertising agency was started with a goal to provide innovative & clutter free media to clients.

2009 – Adverbase a celebrity management agency was added up in Adverlabs division.

2010 – NOG Technologies was formed in this year by Hi Tech Developers group to provide services in the field of Nuclear, Oil & Gas.

2012 – Property Parlor a property management division was also formulated to provide consultancy regarding wealth management.

With years to come more division are to be launched for providing exclusive services to our clients.